*Office Specials*

 Whitening for life!

     Yes, its true! We offer whitening for life! Patients who come in every 6 months for their checkup and cleaning qualify for the program. (Call our office for more information)

$49.00 Adult X-ray & Exam

     We offer a full mouth evaluation to treat our patients with the thorough quality care they deserve. Adults should come in every 6 months for their checkup and cleaning. We believe that the mouth is the gateway to the body. The better you take care of your oral health the better your overall health will be. Thus, a regular checkup exam, or if its been awhile, just a complete exam is highly recommended.

$49.00 Child X-ray,  Exam and Cleaning

    Our children are our pride and joy! We make it affordable for the whole family to stay healthy. It's important that children come in every 6 months for their checkup and cleaning do to their "on the go life style." We make sure that our children stay healthy so that they spend less time in our office, and more time hitting the books...and playing !

10% Cash Discounts              

    Paying your treatment with cash? We offer a 10% cash courtesy off of your treatment plan. We know times are hard, so we want to make sure your dental treatment doesn't get placed at the bottom of your list.

$199.00 In-Office Teeth Whitening! 

     Ever think about making that smile of yours brighter? Well now you can at a price you can afford and see beautiful results. We offer a one hour in-house "Boost Whitening System." (Call our office for more details).




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